Clear Food Grade Vinyl Hose

As a food grade pvc hose manufacturer we produce food tubes and milk hoses for distributors and dairy parlor manufacturers worldwide, supplying successful and widely in the world. As a pvc hose manufacturer, we are proud to be part of it.The hose are sometimes pvc braided.

pvc hose clear food grade

Leading dairy farmers use our quality milk hoses, especially designed to fit a variety of milking machinery. With affordable price and superb quality, we believe our food grade pvc hose for milk can be an profitable asset to any dairy machinery product line.

Food Grade PVC Hose Manufacturing Company

We are proud to be among the first chinese companies to offer sustainable food grade plastic hoses and tubes. Besides this, we main produce the garden hose and air hose for the gardening and cleaning business.

The air hose is especially made for parts of many machines such as air pressure machine, generators, and so on. The pvc hose is now regarded as an auto part and is quite sustainable. The vinyl material tubes can be used for more than ten years and in the end it will be able to be recycled and reused.

The reused vinyl will be made into low quality cheap price hoses or trash bins and so on. Nonetheless the tubes is everywhere now. The gardeners use the flexible garden hose to spray waters and cleaners will use the garden and air suction hose to clean the surface of the automobile.